PaxX Global Cycling 2023 (English)

PaxX - Global Cycling has highlighted its ambitions for this year at the team presentation on Saturday, January 28, 2023. Expectations are high with a base of about 30 athletes. The drive and commitment of both the athletes and the employees remains the core of the event. Solidarity and friendship continue to run as a common thread through all initiatives.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about riders, athletes and/or projects.
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The 16th year of our team will largely take place abroad.
Our teams in Belgium, The Netherlands, Gambia, Uganda, Canada and Ghana will have a little brother this year with the start of PaxX France in April.

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Gody Jacobs, Michaël Stippelmans and twin brothers Dieter and Steven Schol will go to Gambia for two weeks at the beginning of March to train our local team and organize the Tour of Gambia.
School children will also have the chance to learn some of the tricks of cycling.
In the meantime, a fresh load of children's and racing bicycles has also left for Gambia.
In Cambodia, an employee is currently active with, among other things, computer training for children in an orphanage.
There are also plans to cycle from Paris to Frankfurt in the summer for the organization Greater European Mission. We also want to organize a cycling event in Saskatoon (Canada). Details will follow later.

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Despite the crisis affecting many areas, we continue to organize competitions in our own country, which have now become a permanent fixture.
This year the Tour of Haspengouw and the Benelux Championships are on our program.
Also new is the organization of a cyclo cross on Sunday 5 February.

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Too many forgotten regions and peoples on our planet hardly know the bicycle.
With the Nations Tour we want to bring this to the attention of a wide audience.
This year the focus will be on the following virtually unknown areas: Transnistria, Chinland and Nagorno-Karabakh.

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A project that in turn focuses on the experienced cycling tourist, where multi-day tours are organized, linked to a good cause.
In April there is a 3-day trip from Amsterdam to Luxembourg.
August is reserved for a 5-day event starting in Kristianssand (Norway's southernmost city), arriving in Trondheim.
A trip that will also take you along the picturesque fjords of Norway.

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With a selection of skilled teachers, we continue to work for integration, and what better way to do that than with the many immigrant ladies in our country, to teach them how to cycle.
A life changing experience for many!

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We would almost forget, but our athletes will be everywhere in countless competitions in Europe. From Poland to Scotland....
In countless disciplines such as road cycling, duathlon, running competitions or mountain biking.
And we have no doubt that they will come home with good performances!
We have also already planned a week of training in June in the high mountains of the French Alps.

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